I would be happy if you would purchase some of my work. But there are other opportunities too... ;-)

If you want to start to collect fine art photography (or if you already in it) at a reasonable price there are some opportunities to add some nice artworks to your collection. Some well known photographers are doing from time to time online print sales. Although most likely it will be from an open edition it may be anyway a good opportunity  to find one or the other artwork for your collection.

From time to time I will point you to such print sales, especially if the are done by photographers whose work I would like to possess myself. Today I want to present you two  print sales:

The first one is the “Vive La France“ Paris Print Sale of two of Peter Turnley‘s works, done in cooperation with Mike Johnston‘s “The Online Photographer“ Blog.

Peter Turnley and TOP are making available Peter's two most popular Paris prints at what he has long considered full size, on 16x20 inch (appr. 40 x 50 cm) paper.

Peter Turnley, Paris, 1991

These are fiber-base silver-gelatin prints signed by the photographer. The price is $450 for one print and $375 for a second one. (This is far lower than the "everyday" price for these prints, and the lowest price that either print has ever been available for.) And because the pictures are of Paris, a portion of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the French Red Cross for the victims of the Paris attacks and their families.

This print sale is time-limited rather than number-limited. Orders are taken until this Friday (Dec. 4th). All orders will be shipped to arrive in time for Christmas.

The second opportunity for purchasing a fine work of art photography is given by Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson, The Angel Gabriel
Cole is selling a limited numbers of prints of his well known „The Angel Gabriel“ for the very special price of $100 which includes shipping. The print is 8x12 inch (appr. 20 x 25 cm) on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308.

And there is always the possibility to get some of my artwork here

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